New Single!

Hey everyone. We've been a bit off the charts lately. Heck, we've never been near a chart, and we haven't seen the stage in a fortnight. But we do have something new for anyone who's in the listening mood. Our first single since the free-release of All Grown Up is titled "Yea Tall." Its a deviation from the former recordings in terms of production, but our process remained largely in tact.

Brandon and I would meet in what used to be a garage and now serves as a laundry room, exercise room (sometimes:), storage unit, and recording studio. Sometimes Brandon would even do his laundry while we recorded--really. What most people call the spin-cycle, we call atmosphere. Seriously, though, you won't hear the laundry because we rarely used a mic. Here's to electronic drums and digital amps: sometimes they just get the job done--especially when a two-year old is sleeping in the next room.

That said, this was a liberating project. It's been long in the making because we both work a couple jobs and have family, friends and canine animals to look after. We just focused on what made sense on a given evening and came up with something that sounds like Yea Tall. Please stream it to your hearts' content, download it, and share it with your friends.Downloads are a lousy buck:( But the funds you provide will go toward additional noise makers and such.

Lastly, we want to thank Clara Oman for her contributions on the synth and Chris Scarborough for the use of his artwork. We're lucky to have such talented and generous friends.

Thanks for stopping by, and send us your words. We look forward to hearing from you.

Paper Navy